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Set of 3 Wine Bottle Locks Gadgets 3pcs ($7.95 each) - 50% off NED Global Home Hardware Flagship Store

Set of 3 Wine Bottle Locks

With Deal: $9.95 Price: $47.99
You Save: $24.04 (50%)

This wine/alcohol bottle lock is very useful and solid in keeping your alcoholic beverages protected from people who might want to open the bottles to drink. The lock fits every bottle (wine bottles, whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, etc.) Some bottles have the lock fitting snug and others looser but able to keep the caps locked and untampered. Setting new combination code on the lock was very easy in the included instructions and the open button worked flawlessly in popping open the lock when the correct combination is set. The design works on universal bottles and definitely completes its purpose in keeping the bottles off hands and unopenable.

For this price, you'll get a set of 3 Wine Bottle Locks! Need more? Just add another set!

Size: 43mm*43mm
Lock Combinations: 1000

*USA Orders - please allow 10-15 business days for your order to arrive

*International Orders - please allow 15-30 business days for your order to arrive

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