Power Brush Set™

Power Brush Set™

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For most people, cleaning their home is too much of a chore. While it’s easy enough to take out the garbage and sweep or vacuum the floors, what about places that need a little extra elbow grease?

You could get on your hands and knees and scrub out tough stains on your glass, tile, or concrete surfaces. You could strain your back and wrists trying to remove them, but let’s be honest, who has the time and energy for that?

Well, if you have a cordless drill in your home, you can work faster and more efficiently, thanks to the Power Brush Set™️.

Whether it’s the bathroom, the garage, or other parts of your home that have collected various stains and dirt, you can handle it all with the Power Brush Set™️. Now, instead of having to scrub and clean by hand, you can work so much easier.

How Does it Work?
The Power Brush Set™️ attaches to any ¼-inch power drill. You use the drill to clean any of your surfaces quickly and efficiently. 

The Benefits of Using the Power Brush Set

Save Time - do you really want to take hours cleaning and scrubbing your bathroom? What about stuck-on stains on your tile floors? Cut the time in half with the Power Brush Set™️

Save Energy - let the drill do the work and save your hands and wrists for other things, like drinking a refreshing lemonade when you’re finished.

Clean Anywhere - the bristles of these brushes are strong enough to remove stains but soft enough to work on smooth surfaces like glass without leaving scuff marks.

Power Through Your Cleaning Today!

With the Power Brush Set™️, you’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily it is to remove stains, even those that have been there for months or years. You can transform the look and feel of your home in minutes, all without working yourself to death in the process. 

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