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No More Choking™️ Harness Blue / L (23-30 kg) Front Launch

No More Choking™️ Harness

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Walk Your Pup Around Hassle-Free

Tired of being yanked around by your pup and getting your arm taken out of the socket. Not to worry... after today you can consider that problem a thing of the past with the No More Choking™️ Harness that's easy to slide on and off and makes your dog walks a more enjoyable one.

Super easy to slide on & off of your dog without the extra hassle. Simply slide it on, adjust the buckle and you're good to go. 

Uniquely created with a reflective strap and collar positioning that makes it not only safer for them when they try to walk too fast but also keeping them safe and noticeable on those super dark nights when you take them for a walk.

Universal fit makes it a perfect fit for all sizes of dogs. No matter the breed from pugs all the way to Siberian Huskies we've got you covered.

What's really amazing about this harness that our repeat customers constantly write us back about is how easy it is to put on their dog and the convenience they get that you can't quite seem to get from any other dog harness. Get yours today so you can enjoy a more peaceful walk with your furry little fella.

Goes On/Off in 2 seconds!


 Adjustable Making it super easy to fit on your dog without returning it. Whether your pup is a smaller breed or belonging to a larger one. we've got you covered.

Safe & Convenient Fits easy without choking your pup and doesn't pull on them when they start to run. Instead, it spins them towards you. Making it safer for you and your dog to enjoy the walk without hurting them.

Comfortable Grip Easy and sturdy ergonomic grip that doesn't tire out you out and allows you to walk your dog for hours without any strains or constant tugging on your joints.

Durable Made with breathable materials and strong durable fibers that can last you years before even thinking about replacing it.

Our Guarantee If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail and we'll promptly refund your money.

⬇️Use this table to find correct harness sizes ⬇️

Suggested Breed
56-68 cm /
7-14 kg /
15-31 lb
Mini Schnauzers
62-78 cm /
14-23 kg /
31-51 lb
French bulldog
67-88 cm /
23-28 kg /
51-62 lb
French bulldog
72-98 cm /
28-40 kg /
62-88 lb
Australian Shepherd
Basset Hounds
Standard Poodle
77-108 cm /
40-70 kg /
88-155 lb
German Shepherds
Golden Retrievers
Measure the chest size (as shown in the picture).
If you’re in between sizes, for dogs that have a wide chest or shoulders, go up one size.
If you’re in between sizes, for dogs that have a narrow chest or body, go down one size.

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