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Mandala Lotus (100% Cotton) Yoga Blue B Towel MiniDeals Store

Mandala Lotus (100% Cotton)

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Mandalas are ever-present in our everyday lives, its circular pattern appearing in all environments. The geometric shape is a pattern of life -- the sun in the sky, the stars in the universe, the eyes of a loved one, the cells in the body, the spectacular fractals of a snowflake all reflect the sacred mandala pattern. Ancient Sacred Geometry tells us that the pattern symbolizes the interlocking spheres that comprise the matrix of the universe.

Scientific studies have shown that the center of the mandala, when focused on by the human eye, brings one into a meditative higher state of consciousness. This greatly relaxes and enhances meditation, connects humans spiritually, expands creativity, increases peace and self-awareness, and balances the body, mind, and spirit.

Our newest 2017 limited edition model (not available in stores!) Mandala Lotus Boho combines artistic beauty with skilled craftsmanship to create a stunningly beautiful design. Dazzle and impress your friends with this vibrant fabric that not only brightens your life but also sparks stimulating conversations. ​

Material: 100% Cotton, Towel quality
Size: ~150 cm

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