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Foldable Solar Charger Gadgets Tmac Ltd. CO

Foldable Solar Charger

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This handy solar panel comes with a charging cable. It is lightweight and actually works. It arrived on a partially cloudy day but I still wanted to test it out. So I plugged my phone in and went to take it out onto our back porch. As soon as I opened the door, I heard the beep letting me know that my phone was charging. It didn't charge my phone super fast, but it did charge it. I like that I can unzip it and attach it to a backpack so we can charge our phones while we are backpacking or riding bikes.

- Lightweight.
- Charges devices efficiently.
- Great for emergencies.
- The fabric is strong and durable.
- Solar panels are large.

- None.

Charging time:
2.4h-3h (depends on device)
Size: 485 x 183 x 5 mm
Weight: 315 g
Output voltage: 5.5 V
Output current: 1290 mA
Power: 5W

*USA Orders - please allow 10-15 business days for your order to arrive

*International Orders - please allow 15-30 business days for your order to arrive

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