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Bicycle Chain Cleaner Bicycle Front Launch

Bicycle Chain Cleaner

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How to clean dirty  chain fast?🤔
Portable ● Easy to Use ● Suits for all models 

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EASY - The chain cleaning process is very easy. Just mount the chain scrubber under the bike chain, and then put the detergent into the scrubber, hold the chain scrubber with one hand and turn the pedal with another hand in the counterclockwise direction for cleaning. With the bicycle chain clean tool set you can always get a full and deep cleaning.

QUALITY - The bike chain scrubber, chain brush and chain gear cleaner use quality plastic material which is hard to be broken.

DEEP CLEANING - The bike chain gear cleaner could pick out the dirt inside the bike wheels and then use the chain brush to deep clean the dirt at every corner of the bike chains. 

SUITABLE FOR ALL BIKES WITH CHAINS - No matter mountain bike, MTB, road bike, BMX, all could get a deep cleaning.

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