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Archery and Hunting Rubber Arrow Puller Outdoor Front Launch

Archery and Hunting Rubber Arrow Puller

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For the (unfortunately all too common) times when your arrow ends up in the tight, tight, tight corner of the bale and you have to put whole your weight to pull it out, this Rubber Arrow Puller makes the job so much easier. You know this feeling when your hands just sliding down the shaft of the arrow rather than gripping it tightly. Now, that's not an issue. It has plenty of grip, making the job that much easier. Of course, it won't help with your aim :)

However, for high-density foam targets, it makes a BIG difference as compared to doing it by hand. Again, you may or may not need this depending on your particular bow / target setup. The Rubber Arrow Puller actually looks larger / beefier / cooler in real life than the picture makes it look. 

  • Eliminates blisters and makes pulling arrows easy on your hands
  • Grips any diameter shaft
  • Soft molded handle
  • Includes a snap clip to easily attach puller to your belt or quiver
  • Great gift for someone you know likes Archery!

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