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Salon Portable Hairdryer Bonnet Review

When it comes to hair and beauty, getting the best results under limited time, comfortable and less harmful methods to your hair is every woman’s needs. A portable salon hair dryer is a soft, flexible bonnet that attached to a hand dryer that blows warm or cold air into the bonnet and dry hair. The product is suitable for home use, portable hairdressing, and time-starved women who cannot afford to set their hair from other hair drying and heat setting methods.


The hair dryer with bonnet looks like a flexible cup with a trunk.  One wears the hood over the head and uses the drawstrings to secure it in place tightly. Inside the is some perforations that allow warm or hot air to come into contact with the hair set to dry.

The other part is the trunk; with long, enough to run from the back to the front to allow you to conveniently blows your hair without straining your arms. At the entrance of the small trunk/ hose are holes that will expel any excess air from the hood.

The hood is made of silicone material that can sustain and insulate handheld blow dryer’s heat within the hood to condition your hair.

The hair dryer with bonnet has drawstrings on both entrance to fasted hold on the head and the dryer. This ensures that the hood dryers stay in position even when blown with high intensity blowing from the hand dryer.

The hood is made of light material and has a little weight on the head. The hood is perfect for all hair lengths types: long, short or medium hair. You can use the bonnet for wrap sets, rollers sets, drying extensions, relaxed and natural hair and deep conditioning treatments. The hood is available in two colors, white and pink and affordable prices fewer than twenty dollars.

How it works

The hair dryer with bonnet is easy to use. It is suitable for 4c DIY hairdressing and can be used at the comfort of your home. You can use it on dry or wet hair in four simple steps:

  1. Seat and style your hair. You could use Bantu knots, straw sets, bobby pins or any technique meant to curl your hair.
    Towel dry, wet hair before using this portable hair dryer. You can shoes to cover your hair with a plastic hair cap or not, solely depend on your hair routine.
  2. Wear the hood and adjust it to highly fit around your temples. Do not cover your ears in the hood as the blowing effect will be an irritation to your ears.
  3. Once you are sure that the hood is tightly secured, tie the trunk opening over the dryer and use the drawstring to tighten it.
  4. Turn on the blow dryer and set it on low to high heat depending on how much heat you want to use to dry the hair dryer. Once the bonnet is inflated with hot air, turn it off and remove it.
  5. Let your hair set. Meanwhile, you can do other things such as applying your makes, doing a facial or just sit and relax

The length at which one stays with the bonnet on depends on the amount of heat used on the hair. The time spends under the hoods depends on the purpose of the hood. If its pure curl setting, an hour should be the tops. Take note that human hair is different from one head to another; some will take longer to dry while others will take just minutes.

Advantages of this hood dryer

There are many features I liked about this product. It solves a woman's problem of getting hair done at the same time doing other stuff. There is a lot a loved about this type of hair dryer, some of which I have listed below;

  • It sets and heats the hair under a favorable condition, away from direct heat and constant blowing of the hair. Normal hair dryer tends to blow away hair follicles increasing hair loss. What portable hair dryer does if that it efficiently dries and sets hair just by heating the air around your hair and conditions it to set.
  • It has a large head capacity that could be adjusted for smaller heads, even kids. The drawstring enables you to adapt and to tighten the hood around your head to keep it in place.
  • After blowing your hair and the bonnet is full of warm air, you can remove the blow dried and attend to other tasks that need your attention.
  • Compared to the regular electric blow dryers, the portable hair dryer saves much energy as you do not need to keep blowing your hair for minutes.
  • The hair dryer hood sold exclusive of a blow dryer can be used with any blow-dryer. You do not need a specific hair dryer as the hood can be adjusted to fit any hair dryer.
  • Compared to straw set for setting hair, this portable hair dryer is more comfortable and stays over a shorter time span compared to sleeping with stress overnight.
  • For safety, it has perforated holes to escape some excess air.
  • It is really good for hair deep conditioning treatment that needed just enough heat to treat your hair.
  • Its easy to clean as the bonnet can be hand washed for hygienic purposes.

Products short comings

The huge is however unnecessarily big even to accommodate two head. Well, that must be designed to cater for women who love big hairstyles. Apart from that, the first impression when you blow up the hood is scary but only after a second. It is not far from the feeling one notice of a sit-under hair dryer. While some women complain about it blowing away, constantly when they set the hand held blow dryer to higher heat, flying off is something you can control by just fastening the hood around your temples.


Experiences vary from one woman to another. Personally, I found the Salon hair dryer with bonnet promising and safe way of curling and setting my hair away from the harsh direct heat that damages my hair. The portable dryer is easy to use and saves time spend blowing and setting your hair from either a comb through hair dryer, sit under hair dryer and flat iron. Its portability aspect allows you to carry on travel and acts as an energy-saving tool for hair drying. The bonnet can be used as an accessory to your handheld dryer and will always come hand when you need to do your hair away from the beauty parlor.

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