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Bullet Thermos Review

Bullet thermos is one of the greatest vacuum flasks designs that have been on the market for quite some time now. Designed in a shape that resembles a bullet, this stainless steel thermos flask is as attractive as it's effective in keeping beverages hot or cold for hours. It's a perfect item to carry when going out on fun adventures. With a capacity of 350 ml, this bullet vacuum cup can allow you to carry just enough tea or coffee to enjoy while hiking or hunting. Its stainless steel design can allow you to carry it anywhere-even in rock areas - without having to worry about it breaking.

Benefits of the Bullet Stainless Steel Flask

  1. Very Attractive Design This compact drink bottle is one of the coolest coffee thermoses you can carry around. Designed with a bullet construction, the vacuum flask can help you make a loud statement as you walk around. It's no doubt your neighbors will be impressed if not envious of your newly acquired bullet drink thermos. With such a stunning design for a thermos, you can confidently carry it around anywhere you go. It also comes in different colors like Gold, Army Green, and Copper, something that gives you a variety of choice.
  2. Impressive 12 To 24 Hours of Thermal Performance This stainless steel vacuum flask boasts of excellent cold and heat preservation effect than any other flask in the market today. It can literally keep a drink, say coffee or water, hot/cold for a very long period of time. And with its high-quality wall vacuum construction, it can withstand any form of fouling even after holding your favorite drink for that long. With this thermos, you can hike or hunt all day and still enjoy super hot or cold drink when you make a stop or decide to rest.
  3. Solid Stainless Steel Construction Design That's Easy to Carry Designed with an unbreakable stainless steel construction, you can use the thermos on a daily basis and carry it anywhere without any fear of breaking it. Also, with the flask's compact design, you can comfortably carry it on your hand or slide it into a briefcase or backpack when going on outdoor adventures. Ideally, it's a great flask for everybody but it can be absolutely perfect for hunters and hikers.
  4. Easy-To-Clean Flask Apart from its attractive design and impressive performance, the bullet vacuum flask is very easy to clean. Its compact design and stainless steel construction only require a hand wash and it will be ready for use. And since its steel wall construction is anti-foul, you don't really need to put much effort when cleaning it. This makes the use of the thermos flask even more convenient to use or carry around on your escapades.
  5. Can Be Used To Keep a Range Of Drinks The bullet flask can allow you to carry just any of your favorite drinks to your outdoor adventures. Whether you want to carry some tea, coffee, water or even juice, you can gladly do so using this amazing flask. And it can keep the drink as hot or cold as you want it. Since it is quite small in design, you can always have at least each person in your group carry one when going out to hike or hunt.

Firsthand Experience in Using the Thermos Flask

My wife and I love going on pheasant hunting trips during weekends and carrying some cold water on our mission is critical. Our two bullet thermoses, which we bought about a year ago, have proven to be quite useful. With their compact and cute bullet-like design, we always feel proud carrying them around when going hunting as they are also perfectly themed with our hobby. They are able to keep the water cold enough for us to drink in between breaks of hunting. And we sometimes use them to carry some well-brewed coffee, whenever we feel we are going to stay hunting till evening. These bullet vacuum flasks are simply the best.

What Other People Are Saying About the Bullet Thermos

The stainless steel bullet vacuum flask has had a fair share of both positive and negative reviews from the market. Most of the users particularly seem to be thrilled by its ingenious bullet-like design and lightweight construction. A sizable number of users also find the thermos a great option for winter/summer camping, hunting and hiking tours. Most users also express their satisfaction in using the thermos in keeping drinks hot, citing that it's among the best coffee thermos one can find in the market. However, there are a number of users who seem to be disappointed with the thermos' size, saying its 350 ml capacity is very small to carry a drink that can be enough for several persons to enjoy during an adventure. Others users say buying it was a waste of money and that they would rather keep it as a decorative. But all in all, the positive reviews do overpower the negative ones, something that shows a majority of users are okay with the design and its performance.


The bullet thermos is a great flask you can use to carry drinks while going on your favorite outdoor adventures. With its high-quality stainless steel construction, bullet design and stunning thermal performance, many users have indeed fallen in love with this thermos flask. The product is also easy-to-clean and doesn't produce foul smell even after keeping a drink for long. It's simply a great piece that any hiker, hunter or camper should have when going on outdoor adventures. Its ability to keep a drink super hot or cold for an entire day is what makes this thermos one-of-a-kind. Based on the overall ratings by the reviewers, it seems most users are satisfied with the flask's aesthetic design and performance. It's only a small percentage of reviewers that expresses dissatisfaction with its small, compact design and how it works. Based on its general performance, attractive design and ease of use, the stainless steel bullet vacuum flask is a product you can invest your money in without feeling a pinch. Its current market price is also reasonable hence you can be guaranteed of getting genuine value for your money. This bullet flask is simply a product worth buying.


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